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Increase Profitability

(without sacrificing patient care)

20/20 Financial Visibility

(clarity in numbers, surgical precision)

Digital Expansion

(tech-enabled Med Spas outperform)

Maximize Business Value

(Don't leave $ on the table)

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Who we are

Our Framework = Healthcare PE Tactics + Digital & AI Expertise

We deliver repeatable, high-impact PE strategies to help you avoid leaving $ on the table

We aim to have an immediate impact and compelling ROI

What we do

1 Financial Advisory

20/20 Visibility - managing your financials & KPIs like a PE firm

Maximizing Business Value - increasing the two key drivers of value, EBITDA x Exit Multiple

2 Digital Advisory

Patient Acquisition – acquiring more new patients, at a cheaper cost per visit (medical SEO, google ads mgmt, etc.)

Patient Expansion – digitally engaging your patients, translating to higher return & referral rates (social media mgmt, email & SMS , etc.)

3 Strategic Advisory

Sale Preparation - positioning your business for maximum value & informing sale timing

Initiating a Sale Process - data prep & warm intros to top-tier healthcare PE firms & advisors

Who we work with

Med Spa Owners - all practices, expertise, and regions

As a complement to your existing teams - we'll fill the gaps or start from scratch

Expertly balancing patient care and business growth.

Why Med Spa

1 Outsized Growth Potential

Demand Surge - major uplift in volumes for cosmetic & reconstructive procedures

Innovation Boom - minimally-invasive procedures reducing recovery times and appealing to broader demographic

Self-Image - the rise of image-centric social platforms continues to drive the public's interest in cosmetic upgrades

Better Alignment - you are more entrepreneurial, aligning closely with our approach to growth & partnership

2 Value Creation

Valuation Gaps - large valuation gaps exist on the basis of growth & margins

Valuation Arbitrage - the right financial & digital systems can add 50%+ to valuation

Valuation Premiums - acquirers are paying premium valuations for premium Med Spas

Why we’re different

1 PE Playbook

Direct Experience - we have acquired & grown practices - we're the only Med Spa-focused advisory firm founded by PE professionals

Helping Your Navigate - PE Med Spa acquisitions have 4x'd over the last 10 years - we're here to help you capitalize

2 Digital Expertise

Tech-Enable Your Med Spa - we have grown digital businesses and will ease your transition

Digital Mastery - PE-owned Med Spa are digitizing & embracing AI – we'll guide you

3 Truly Customized

Your Med Spa is Unique - lets extract its untapped value
Your Goal = Our Goal - profitable growth, retirement, business sale.. you name it

Building your 
value creation plan

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We digest & analyze your Med Spa info

Review 100-Day Plan

We establish your new financial & digital systems & present our findings

Rapidly Execute Together

Quarterly intensives, monthly reviews, weekly updates, 24/7 availability


Thriving in the Age of Private Equity & AI

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Your key to mastering the complexities of private equity & AI, and what it means for the future of your Med Spa

Your Team

Rob Greer

Founder & CEO


Mitch Doran

Head of Finance

The "PE Experience"

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Available 24/7


Starting your journey with SovDoc is as simple as reaching out through our website. From there we’ll guide you through our seamless onboarding process, setting the stage for your custom value creation plan

From the initial consultation to crafting your custom 45 and 100-day plans, SovDoc’s onboarding process is built around understanding your practice’s DNA to architect your value creation plan, setting a solid foundation for rapid growth and success

Yes, SovDoc's bespoke advisory services are designed to add value at any scale, ensuring Med Spas within larger health systems achieve their unique growth and efficiency goals

The short answer is we are available 24/7. SovDoc believes in rapid, clear, and consistent communication, utilizing a mix of personal consultations, digital updates, and monthly dashboard reviews to keep you informed and engaged

SovDoc offers transparent pricing with a clear breakdown of monthly fees for each tier of services, ensuring you choose the best fit for your Med Spa's needs and budget

Engagements with SovDoc are designed with flexibility, typically starting with a three-month intensive followed by ongoing support tailored to your Med Spa's objectives and achievements

SovDoc's services are designed for practices at any stage, providing the financial acumen and marketing innovation you need to thrive, regardless of your current team structure

Yes, SovDoc offers the flexibility to choose the services that best meet your needs, ensuring a tailored approach to your Med Spa's growth and optimization

SovDoc champions a customized, multi-faceted approach to growth, combining cutting-edge digital marketing tactics with robust financial planning and strategic advisory to propel Med Spas forward

Absolutely. SovDoc's advisory services are designed to not only grow your practice but also to prepare it for a lucrative sale, optimizing every aspect of your business for maximum valuation

SovDoc tackles financial challenges head-on, deploying strategic interventions to stabilize, optimize, and turn around Med Spa finances, paving the way for renewed growth and success

By harnessing the power of bespoke digital marketing strategies and deep healthcare insights, SovDoc positions your Med Spa at the forefront, ensuring you're not just seen but remembered.

With SovDoc, early wins and impactful results can often be observed within the first 30 days, setting the stage for sustained growth and success